Constant Companions

July 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

These are the two special ‘people’ who keep me entertained and provide me with company day in day out while I work and paint.


The Montgomery’s coffee maker extraordinaire

The biggest and cutest distraction.

Combined = Total Love:)



Honey + Sugar Love

July 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s becoming more and more important to me that I know where and how the products I use are produced and that they’re not done so by inhumane practices so when I did a little research I was amazed and disgusted by how many well known companies employed ingredients or tested on animals, so I made a personal choice to try  to find and use more organic and natural alternatives when I can.

My perfumes, soaps, some of my makeup, shampoo and conditioners are bought either from Lush or from shops on Etsy.

I also like to make homemade treatments myself from things you can find around the house, besides being natural it’s also a bunch of fun! My favourite by far is the sugar and honey scrub – and my skin has NEVER looked or felt better!



Brown sugar

Ground cinnamon

Ground nutmeg.

For 1 to 2 uses

Add a teaspoon of ground nutmeg to a jar (or if you’re a little bit special like me a teacup will suffice :p). Nutmeg is great for giving smooth skin and it can also help with acne scarring.

Next, add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon…’C’ is for champion: Cinnamon is a great natural plumper, so if you want Angelina Jolie lips without a painful trip to the doctor’s get yourself some of this stuff or you might want to smooth out that leather handbag also known as wrinkles, so to do this all you need is to add some petroleum jelly to the mix and use it as a lipgloss or to fill in those deep lines! Be careful though not to get it near your eyes – Oh, and because of this awesome ability it also helps with acne because it brings the blood and oxygen to the surface (mixed with honey and this little baby is like the superman of fighting those pesky pimples.)

Add in a tablespoon and a half of brown sugar…

Ahhh sugar. Besides being addictive and yummy it does have it’s plus side…(haha plus side/plus size…because sugar can give you a plus side, get it? Ah whatever) No, lame and not-funny jokes aside, sugar is wonderful for the skin because it’s a natural exfoliant but it’s not too harsh that it damages skin so even people with sensitive skin can use it….another good reason, it’s natural and cheap as…sugar:/

And then add a tablespoon and a half of honey (or until mixture is of a gluey paste and all mixed together.)

Honey is great for so many reasons, and not just for your slice of toast, it is actually great for helping acne because of it’s natural antimicrobial properties, it also helps to replenish damaged skin leaving it soft and supple, not to mention it is a natural form of sunscreen! How cool is honey!!


Now all that’s left to do is to scrub, scrub, scrub and rinse.


It’s best to rub the mixture over your skin while in the shower (it can be messy!) and try to do it towards the end of your shower because then it gives enough time for the steam and hot water to open your pores.

Sometimes I will use the last little bit as a scrub for my scalp/hair so as not to waste any…just make sure you rinse it really well after.

So there you go.


[images courtesy of Danielle Lynn Photography , Joy The Baker , Alamy Photos , Delicious Shots]

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Wow! What an amazing past week, I’ve never been so busy with my art before, it’s all so exciting and happening at such a rapid pace and honestly, I’m loving it! Can I quit my day job yet? Haha.

The Curio markets at the Teneriffe Festival was so much fun and a great success for everyone involved, it was just a total thrill to meet so many wonderful people and see so many other creatives showcasing their work. I will get around to posting a better and more detailed account of the festival, along with photos, in the next couple of days.

Oh my how I have waited so long for this day! I have finally bought myself a printer that is capable of producing gorgeous fine art prints. A lot of my old work can now be printed which is so exciting, some of them are now available at my shop here and I’ve included a few examples below…







Curious Elephants

July 1, 2012 § Leave a comment


After a crazy week of painting, framing, shopping, organizing, no sleep and numereous pots of coffee in preparation for the RAW showcasing, I’m at it again for my first market display. The Montgomery will be participating in the romantic and whimsical Curio featuring local talent in conjunction with the Teneriffe Festival on the 7th. It will be curated by the ever inspiring and queen entrepreneur Jessy Cameron owner of Molten Store . So if you happen to be the Brisbane region next Saturday be sure to come on down and have a looksy at some of the most lustworthy displays.

Feathers and the flu.

March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Well after 2 years of being healthy and not once succumbing to any kind of infection I have finally come down with a cold much to the horror of those around, because honestly I’m really not one to cope very well to being sick…everyone has heard of Man-Flu, I’m not a man, clearly, but I definitely fit into the I’m-sick-do-something-make- me-better- It’s-not-JUST-a-cold-it’s-the-end-of-the-world stereotype. Give me a broken arm or bloody gash any day over being sick. I’m a whining I know but in all fairness I am sick;p

So anyway, after work despite being exhausted from a late night of painting the night before I managed to get some more of this painting done and as my deadline for bed came around I simply could not put my brushes away because I had finally reached the beginning of the feathers. In all of my work there are sections of the subject that I almost loath to do such as hands, skin, hair but then there are parts that excite me and I suddenly don’t mind the time consuming process of getting a piece finished. The eyes, the mouth, the intricate details of a pattern or in this case the beautiful features of the feathers it reawakens the passion I have for doing what I do.


I’m Wrecked

March 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Got basically nothing done yesterday so I worked in to the night…actually, more like in to the wee hours of the morning. Oh, well I can always sleep tonight at least my new painting has been started and is progressing.



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